Thursday, March 8, 2012

SS12 video prep.

Right after the lookbook shoot, I grabbed some dinner, then begun work on extending the kitchen set for the video shoot that was to take place the next day. I worked on an additional paper-covered cardboard wall that would give an added dimension to the kitchen set.

I extended the lookbook kitchen set by adding some shelves with some things that you would find in a traditional Peranakan kitchen setting, like the tiffin carrier and some ceramic jars.

My reference images came from online searches as well as pictures taken by Ben's assistant, Marilyn, at the Peranakan Museum.  The guys at NHB made it such a breeze for Marilyn to visit the museum and do some proper research! 

This was what I had by the end of the night, all set for the next day's video shoot!
The paper fridge door opens! 
(Hey, who put the dog on top of the fridge?) 

And these colourful props will be used in the video! 

EARLY call time the next day. 

When I arrived, Ben's crew had set everything up. I particularly liked how they had set up the lights so that it looked like light was shining in through an imaginary window from the side, into the kitchen. So the lights were in position.

And the props were in position. 

The new adjacent wall was all set up. 

 The last thing I had to do was to create a recipe book for the opening shot.
(The cover was wrapped around my diary. Yes, I still write diaries. I am old school, I am.)
 And then we were ready to ROLL CAMERA!


Caroline said...

I went to your shop this morning. I was excited by discovering a Singaporean designer! You'are doing a great job! I liked your colorful dresses and the jewelry!
I will follow your work!
All the best!

Jo Soh said...

Hi Caroline,
I am happy you enjoyed your visit to The hansel Shop! Do you know about our little collection shop launch event this Sunday 11 March? Pop by between noon to 6pm!
I hope to see you!

Clare @ Mrs Multitasker said...

Beautiful! You have such a gift!

Jo Soh said...

Thank you, Clare @ Mrs Multitasker. :-)