Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SS12 video shoot.

WOW WHAT A PARTY it was on Sunday!

I hope you were able to join us for some of our interesting coloured food concoctions and a nice serving of our Kueh Lapis dresses. There were plenty of compliments on our new SS12 campaign video too so let me finish writing about the video shooting process and then post up the actual video!

Firstly, let me introduce freelance actress, the AMAZING Maryanne Fairwin. She had SO MUCH ENERGY even though it was a tiring full day shoot and NEVER complained even once. That's professionalism for you!

The Peranakan kebaya that she's wearing is loaned from the Peranakan Museum. This style of blouse and brooches are the sort that would be worn by a Peranakan lady at home, so it's quite apt!

That's Ben Siow from Abundant Productions on the left, having a discussion with the cameraman. 

With everything in place, they roll the first shot! 

Ben watches all the action from a screen.

The day goes on and on.... 

For the Kueh Lapis knitted dress, we were planning to "bake" it so coloured dough was sourced for the scene.

The dough is then rolled out onto a handmade baking tray.

The crew rolls it our properly before Maryanne pops it into the "oven". 

In goes the tray of rolled dough into the "oven"!

This is supposed to be the finished product once the dough is freshly "baked".

It sits alongside the other finished "dishes" on the counter.

In between takes, Maryanne plays around with the coloured dough!

After a short break, Maryanne is up and ready and raring to go!

She starts to make a very colourful soup!
(One of the camera crew passes her a bottle off-camera.)

Just look at her go! 

The final closing shot with the 4 signature pieces from this season on my hand-drawn side wall.

Even after a long and tiring day, Maryanne willingly poses for a photo!

Kueh, Kueh, I love you.... (stacked on my hand-drawn "plate".)

Out of the blue during filming, I noticed that the Green paper roll on the wall, the White walls, and the Red, Blue and Yellow tees that the camera crew were wearing, were the exact same five colours that made up my Kueh Lapis print! That's serendipity. . .

And then, at the end of another looong day, IT'S A WRAP! Yaaay!

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