Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Magnum Temptation.

Guess who paid a visit to The hansel HQ today?
The Magnum Man! And he left us with a big dark chocolate brown box all tied up with ribbon. 

I kept the red plastic "wax-seal" - I might just hot-glue a pin on the back and give it to a friend whose name starts with the letter "M" to wear as a brooch. ;-)

It's Magnum's new flavours - Hazelnut and Fruit Bonbon!

 Check out the boxed packaging!

We thought it was a pretty atas way to package an ice cream on a stick.

I noticed a curved groove that ran down the middle of this new ice cream.
(It appears white only because it was VERY frozen when we received the box of ice cream.)

I always LOVE ice creams with chunky bits in the middle - they always make for a great contrast against the soft ice cream.

I tried the Magnum Temptation Hazelnut.

Our shop staff Lynette happened to pop by the studio and grabbed some for the shop girls too.

:-) And this is Shengjuan and her Fruit Bon Bon flavoured ice cream.

It's always so nice to get sweet surprises like these in the middle of a work day.
Thank you Magnum!!!


powertothepple said...

Hi Jo, I love your cat's eye glasses! I've been looking for a pair forever, where did you get yours? Any idea where else stocks cat's eye frames? :)

Jo Soh said...

Thank you, powertotheapple.

I got mine on eBay from an optician based in the US.

Apart from eBay, I've seen some cool ones here in Singapore at seen@dempsey and seen@hollandv and Eyes@Work at Millenia Walk - google them up!

Good luck!

powertothepple said...

thanks Jo! I will take a look!