Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Project Jem

Aspiring fashion designers take note!!!

I'll be Judge and Design Mentor for Project Jem - a nation-wide search for just ONE design talent to create the entire set of uniforms for upcoming lifestyle mall at Jurong East, Jem.

For competition entry submissions, contestants need to submit just two uniform outfit designs for the Concierge department. Three shortlisted submissions will be selected and these three designers will have to present their designs in person to me and a panel of judges in their fight for the prize!

ONLY one winner will be selected. Under my mentorship, he will expand his two designs to the whole set of uniforms for Jem. The finalized designs will be used by  Jem staff and the winner gets $3,000!!! Yaay!!!

So what do you need to do to enter?

First stop - go to the Project Jem Facebook Page where you can download the design brief and read up on my tips on designing uniforms on the Project Jem blog.

There are a few videos that Jem has prepared...This one introduces Project Jem.

In this one, Annie and I speak on the role that uniform design plays in Jem. There're some tips in there too!

Last but not least, a video of the future!

Can you think of someone who might be keen to enter???
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Good luck!!!!!!!

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