Thursday, May 31, 2012

Project Jem finalists.

The three finalists for Project Jem were announced yesterday on the Jem Facebook Page
They are Gillian Shen, Joel Yip and Ong Huimin. 

The night before the filming of the Project Jem announcement video, the Project Jem team and I had some order-in pizza and worked our way through the design submissions at the Jem office in Jurong East. 

It did not necessarily give an edge over other designers but I really appreciated that some entries came with finished garments. It makes it so much easier to literally see what the designers are proposing when there's a physical garment to touch and feel.

Do you think Miss Mannequin here looks ready to grace the floors of the new Jem mall?

We even planned out the video filming sequence.

All set for the next day, I said goodnight to the Jem hexagon...

Bright and early the next morning!!!
I loved the view from the Jem office on the 24th floor - a view like this makes you think there're lots of wide open spaces in Singapore. ;-)

Some final touches before the video filming and just before I nip into a make shift make-up room for hair and makeup. Gotta make sure my bob is round and shiny like a disco ball!

Here's the final video: 

Till the next stage of the project, my congratulations again to the three finalists! It'll be a fun learning experience from here on, I'm sure! :-) 

Monday, May 28, 2012

LaSalle graduation fashion show in an underground carpark. (Love the yellow floor)

The quality of the students' work is improving with each year. I trust that will continue to happen in years to come. :-)

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fendi Fendi Fendi.

Just returned home after a great party at the launch of Fendi's revamped store at Ngee Ann City. LOVED the delicious canapes that Janice Wong from 2am:dessertbar created - she always manages to innovate and surprise!

Live models posing in the window.

The iconic Fendi baguette bag...

Our door gift was a super mini, super yellow Fendi baguette... thumb drive!!!

The party was packed!

The lovely Ms Fann Wong all decked in Fendi.

There were some very interesting fur coats happening in the shop that felt amazing to the touch.

Oh and that's my friend Melissa who's fallen in love with a particular VERY LIMITED edition (only 2 in Singapore!) Fendi baguette covered in beads and sequins.

The hansel team goes on a picnic in the park.

The all-girl hansel team and I packed lunches and headed for the Singapore Botanic Gardens for a picnic in the park!

One of the girls made SUPER RAINBOW cheesecake.

Naturally, the fashionable bunch came in their picnic best, complete with coordinated nail colour.

The girls snap lots of pictures while I literally lie low with my glass of champagne. :-)

We soon learn that we weren't the only ones who enjoy partaking in some old fashioned leisure!

Monday, May 21, 2012

The high heel diaries...

I had the opportunity to catch a few more shows during Audi Fashion Festival 2012...

An outfit from Audi Star Creation winner and also winner of Audi Young Designer Award 2012, Roderic Wong. Understated, elegant.

An outfit from Audi Star Creation winner, menswear Thai designer, Soravit.

An beautiful dress from Korean Audi Star Creation winner, Ko Youngji.

A capsule collection from last year's Audi Star Creation winner, Tiang Boon Tieon. I thought all three capsule collections from last year's three winners were very good.

The hot pink opening number from Chen Zhi Gang's capsule collection stole the limelight.

Zac Posen's in town!

Here's a surreal shot of models on the catwalk looking more like glowing aliens!!!

Asia Fashion Exchange 2012 ended yesterday and I'm now all champagned out, all ice creamed out, all vodka-ed out and all high heeled out. Until next year, it's now back to business at The hansel HQ!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Working it at the Jem office this morning.

The submissions are in and we have selected our 3 finalists.
I can't reveal who they are just yet!
You will know soon enough ;-)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 2 & 3 of AFX 2012.

Tottering around town in stiletto heels DOES give your butt and legs a good workout. Trust me.
I feel like I've been on the StairMaster for the last 72 hours.

I tottered in my black/white heels to the Audi Red Carpet Night where champagne seemed to be flowing free from the taps.

I drank so much champagne I immediately grew HUGE sparkly lips.

While Audi launched a sexy new car on stage. 

And I got on stage to have a go at being a car show model. 
Yup possibly my FIERCEST pose by far. 

I also tottered in my neon yellow heels to talks at the Asia Fashion Summit 2012 and tuned in to the presentation of a very engaging speaker Mercedes on the top 10 retail trends for the next 10 years. Very useful for someone like me who's in the retail business.

More heels today! MAYBE.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Audi Star Creation 2012 judging.

Today was judgement day for the 12 finalists of Audi Star Creation 2012. They presented their work to me and 6 other judges in a suite first thing this morning at the Meritus Mandarin during the pre-judging sessions. Here are a few snaps of the view from the judge's table.

After lunch, the judges gathered backstage to view all the collections again to discuss further on our short list of potential winners.

Fellow judges Douglas Benjamin, Collin McDowell and Angelia Teo. 

Waiting for the show to start... 

One designer each from China, Korea and Thailand were voted the 3 winners of the competition. I was dead impressed with the work of all 3 designers.

I felt that Roderic Wong from China  approached fashion design more from textile manipulation but had the developed sensibilities to pair his self-created fabrics with simple, flowing shapes.

Ko Youngji from Korea had a beautifully sophisticated collection with soft drapery and an unusual sense of colour.

Soravit Kaewamon from Thailand had such a strong and visual collection featuring prints inspired by the hornbill.

You can see all their works on the Audi Star Creation website.

Here's David Wang and I after the show. It's been really interesting to have gone from wading through the hundreds of design submissions to seeing the final 3 winners on stage. I'm really excited for them, and I'm sure they're really excited too! So good to see what sort of designs are coming out from the next generation of designers. :-)