Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Art Book" by Jo Soh (1987) continued...

And the limited naive world view of a 11 year old continues...

When I ran out of pages to draw up a full story, I resorted to randomly themed drawings. This one was probably because I was watching the Mandarin period dramas that were circulated within my large Chinese family. Note: the shows were circulated on video cassette tapes.

And then there were the early inklings of my interest in fashion...

 This one looks suspiciously like Madonna in the '80s.

Of course, 11 years old is when you start getting interested in boys and have heart-fluttering crushes.

Keen to improve my drawing skills I even asked my classmates to rate my drawing of what I thought was a fashionably elegant woman posing nonchalantly by a tiny classical column.
(I see that I even tried to redraw the same figure in 1991 and 1993.)

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