Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"Art Book" by Jo Soh (1987)

I think this was possibly the FIRST one I ever drew. What started out as an "Art Book" obviously turned into a (heavily floral decorated) playground for my wild imagination.

Again, my obsession with Jem and The Holograms.
(It's apt that today I am acting in the capacity of Judge and Design Mentor for a uniform design competition for the upcoming mall Jem mall. )

This book was filled with short stories, each one having the obligatory awkward and dramatic title.

 The bad people always smoked.

Way before life-like 3D animation and live streaming of fashion shows existed online (in fact, way before "online" existed), I had already thought of magical solutions that made fashion illustrations move like live models.

All you had to do get walled up and project the specially treated sheets of illustrations onto a stage.
The audience would never know the difference. . .

 Again, the looooong conversations between the characters.

 The epic landscapes.

The poor English. 

And all that soap opera drama!!!


Anonymous said...


li shan said...

haha .. its so funny .. haha
v. neat drawings ! how old were you ~ :)

Jo Soh said...

I was 11, Li Shan.
But my mind was a fully developed Cantonese soap opera already.

Anonymous said...

More soapy stories, please! :)