Monday, May 14, 2012

Audi Star Creation 2012 judging.

Today was judgement day for the 12 finalists of Audi Star Creation 2012. They presented their work to me and 6 other judges in a suite first thing this morning at the Meritus Mandarin during the pre-judging sessions. Here are a few snaps of the view from the judge's table.

After lunch, the judges gathered backstage to view all the collections again to discuss further on our short list of potential winners.

Fellow judges Douglas Benjamin, Collin McDowell and Angelia Teo. 

Waiting for the show to start... 

One designer each from China, Korea and Thailand were voted the 3 winners of the competition. I was dead impressed with the work of all 3 designers.

I felt that Roderic Wong from China  approached fashion design more from textile manipulation but had the developed sensibilities to pair his self-created fabrics with simple, flowing shapes.

Ko Youngji from Korea had a beautifully sophisticated collection with soft drapery and an unusual sense of colour.

Soravit Kaewamon from Thailand had such a strong and visual collection featuring prints inspired by the hornbill.

You can see all their works on the Audi Star Creation website.

Here's David Wang and I after the show. It's been really interesting to have gone from wading through the hundreds of design submissions to seeing the final 3 winners on stage. I'm really excited for them, and I'm sure they're really excited too! So good to see what sort of designs are coming out from the next generation of designers. :-)

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