Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 2 & 3 of AFX 2012.

Tottering around town in stiletto heels DOES give your butt and legs a good workout. Trust me.
I feel like I've been on the StairMaster for the last 72 hours.

I tottered in my black/white heels to the Audi Red Carpet Night where champagne seemed to be flowing free from the taps.

I drank so much champagne I immediately grew HUGE sparkly lips.

While Audi launched a sexy new car on stage. 

And I got on stage to have a go at being a car show model. 
Yup possibly my FIERCEST pose by far. 

I also tottered in my neon yellow heels to talks at the Asia Fashion Summit 2012 and tuned in to the presentation of a very engaging speaker Mercedes on the top 10 retail trends for the next 10 years. Very useful for someone like me who's in the retail business.

More heels today! MAYBE.


Anonymous said...

Oh who knows, maybe we will see some car-inspired prints in your next collection ! ~ Edwina

(Just in case you are wondering, no Im not a stalker or anything like that, just someone who is inspired by your success story. Fyi I own an online maternity store)

Jo Soh said...

Perhaps, Edwina, perhaps. :-)

Good luck on your business!