Monday, May 7, 2012

A girl in hello hansel at a friend's wedding!

Spotted a woman in the hello hansel Big Kueh Lapis wrap dress last night at my friend's wedding party and asked to have a pic snapped with her. She appeared a little puzzled as to why a stranger wanted to take a photo with her! Haha! :-) 


Anonymous said...

Dammn, do I have to put on a dress to get a picture taken with you?

Lionel (the one who sabo-ed the girlfriend at the rock n roll wedding party)

Jo Soh said...

You don't have to, but it helps! ;-) I'm JUST KIDDING!!!! :-) Keep making your bags!!!

Anonymous said...

That's Vivian Wang from one of the best bands in Singapore, The Observatory!

Vivian Wang said...

Hey Jo

I WAS puzzled but now I'm no longer. Thank you for the lovely dress. I'm a huge fan of your designs. And I so wish I had smiled better for you. That's me lah, paranoid and grouchy.

Btw, I'm still in love with my kueh lapis dress.


Jo Soh said...

Hey Vivian, I'm glad you found this picture!
But now I can't spring surprise photo snapping on you anymore :( Oh well!