Monday, May 7, 2012

"TRUE LOVE IN THE END" by Jo Soh (1987)

In 1987, I was 11 years old and in primary school. That was the year that I drew a number of short comic books all on school exercise books and all based on soppy teen romance tales. I was heavily influenced by the then hugely popular teen romance book series, Sweet Dreams (waitaminute, I was pre-teen, what was I doing reading romance stories???) Today when I flip through them and read some of the pages, I cringe and laugh non-stop because everything is so cheesy and so bad. But they are pretty funny to look at so I thought I'd share some of the comics with you. :-) 

The cheesy title and cover are drawn with highlighters. 

 I always liked to draw shopping scenes. The brands that I featured were pretty much the brands I came into contact with during those years. (I bought my school shoes from Bata and my mom got her cosmetics from Kose.)

 And I'd make up LOOOOOONG conversations between the characters.

The typical teenager's bedroom with posters taped on to the wall. I recognize the stereo set on the shelf at the side to be exactly the same one I had when I was 11. It was a Fire Engine Red Philips set with detachable trapezoid speakers. Mine didn't throw out musical notes like that though.

I was also obssessed with the TV cartoon, Jem and The Holograms, at that time. Anyone remember them???

Of course, I had to make sure that I gave a happy cheesy ending for my heroine.


Keya said...

You're so talented in your childhood. I remember I also like drawing such flowers when I was a kid :P

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Jo Soh said...

:-) Thank you Keya.
Drawing is fantastic - I found that drawing (and painting) created a very focused and calm me after doing it for HOURS on end.