Thursday, May 31, 2012

Project Jem finalists.

The three finalists for Project Jem were announced yesterday on the Jem Facebook Page
They are Gillian Shen, Joel Yip and Ong Huimin. 

The night before the filming of the Project Jem announcement video, the Project Jem team and I had some order-in pizza and worked our way through the design submissions at the Jem office in Jurong East. 

It did not necessarily give an edge over other designers but I really appreciated that some entries came with finished garments. It makes it so much easier to literally see what the designers are proposing when there's a physical garment to touch and feel.

Do you think Miss Mannequin here looks ready to grace the floors of the new Jem mall?

We even planned out the video filming sequence.

All set for the next day, I said goodnight to the Jem hexagon...

Bright and early the next morning!!!
I loved the view from the Jem office on the 24th floor - a view like this makes you think there're lots of wide open spaces in Singapore. ;-)

Some final touches before the video filming and just before I nip into a make shift make-up room for hair and makeup. Gotta make sure my bob is round and shiny like a disco ball!

Here's the final video: 

Till the next stage of the project, my congratulations again to the three finalists! It'll be a fun learning experience from here on, I'm sure! :-) 

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