Thursday, June 14, 2012

1st consultations with Project Jem finalists.

Last week I met the three Project Jem finalists separately to go through their design submissions and guide them through the requirements of uniform design, discuss about fabric options, use of colour and any other questions that they might have. I was very impressed by how SERIOUSLY each finalist treated the competition - they were paying attention to what was being discussed, they were open to learn and the most exciting characteristic that I learnt - they had such self-initiative - initiative that seem lacking even in some of the fashion design students whom I have come across!

First I met up with Gillian Shen. I learnt that she works at the Epitome boutique (which stocks hansel!) and that she'd heard about the competition through someone from the hansel team, which then led her to look up online about the competition, which she then joined and here she is!!!

Next up, I met Ong Hui Min whose approach to the uniform design is very minimalist. We had to go through a few garment construction details so she could fully understand how her design ideas would look like as real garments.

And then I met Joel Yip. He's currently in the army and took a day off just for the meeting. Such passion and commitment - it is so good to witness attitude like this. :-) We talked through some of his design revisions and discussed fabrics. His challenge would be to learn about balance and simplifying his design ideas.

It's going to be very interesting to see what the three finalists come up with for the final presentation to the judges on 25 June...

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