Thursday, August 30, 2012

Patterns and colours in Georgetown, Penang.

Patterns and colours, patterns and colours. I get inspired by patterns and colours, especially really eye-catching contrasting ones. There were plenty to be found in Georgetown.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Muntri Mews in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.

I mentioned that I recently took a break in Georgetown. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is so photogenic! (This is going to cover a few postings cos I snapped alot of pics!)

So, we went to Georgetown for 3 days and stayed at the lovely Muntri Mews.

There's a cafe at the entrance while access to the hotel section is through a gate.

Our rooms were on the second floor.

My boyfriend/man/partner's (what term should one use nowadays?) dad ponders on the architecture of the place...

A wall above the staircase appears to be constructed from different kinds of recycled wooden planks while a vintage oil lamp (now fitted with electric lightbulb) hangs over head.

There are only 9 rooms in the Mews so how apt it was that I got room "J"!

With a four poster bed on one end and a looooong sofa on the other, this was the setting for 3 days of much needed Quiet Time. I managed to finish reading a whole book (about the Terracotta Army in Xian, China - another UNESCO World Heritage Site) during my 3 days there.

When I emerge from the room during the evening, the lighting in the open air section of the Mews is simply magical!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Mondays with kikki.K!

It's Monday, it's pouring down hard outside and I have just returned from a lovely short break in Penang (more on that later). I walk into my studio, bracing myself for an onslaught of unanswered emails, paperwork and deadlines, deadlines, deadlines.

AND a cute little package is sitting on my desk with my name on it! I instantly recognize the red/white striped string.

It's kikki.K day! Hooray!
It's a BASICS pack of notebooks, pens and post-it notes. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Technology is fantastic, but I believe that nothing beats the handwritten (or hand drawn) for creating a more direct connection between the mind and the expression, and as you can see from my already over-expressed kikki.K daily planner on my desk!

Thank you once again, kikki.K

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The making of AW12 The Puffin print.

Seeing that our AW12 shop launch event is on TOMORROW at my Mandarin Gallery shop, I shall continue with more on the making of the AW12 "The Puffin" print design for our comfy rayon jersey range. Here are a selection of my snaps from the work-in-progress stage - I go through A LOT of print-outs to test my print ideas and I edit from few print options before settling on the final ones. Hope you enjoy these pics!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Full day of shooting hansel's new AW12 catalog photos today.

That's Gillian Shen on the left - the winner from Project Jem - assisting us in our shoot today. Starting her internship with us early!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Great Singapore Souvenirs at National Museum of Singapore.

A late night party at the National Museum of Singapore! Doesn't happen all that often so I was pleased to go. :)

MUSEUM LABEL is the name of the shops that are managed by National Heritage Board (NHB). They focus on selling merchandise that are very Singapore-centric - in case you were wondering, they are NOT the cheesy variety that you often find at soul-less touristy places.

My favourite find was THIS reusable bag there! The bag mimics the cheap Merlion-printed shopping plastic bags that are typically used by local shops, food stalls and even in wet markets selling groceries.  (I'm visiting Singaporean friends living in the US soon so I'm planning to buy a batch of them to give as gifts!)

Tonight though, the main event at the museum is the Great Singapore Souvenirs showcase - a collaboration between MUSEUM LABEL, Singapore Souvenirs and FARMSTORE - on display were NEW merchandise. Such as.... kueh kueh Post-It Notes! (Kueh kueh is Malay for cakes. In this case, very popular traditional cakes.)

I had thought of making these for our SS12 "Tiers of Joy" collection since that collection was inspired by the rainbow-coloured kueh kueh - the Nonya kueh lapis, but ditched the idea when I found out what the factory's minimum order quantity was! So it was GREAT to see these ones!

Different drink stalls within a large local hawker centres often use coloured tape and enamel paint to label and identity their own glasses, so no prizes for guessing where this set of glasses took their design cue from!

And these were CUTE - a row of traditional Peranakan terrace houses printed on the sides of cardboard filing boxes.

Last but not least, Singlish (that's our unique pigeon English) poetry magnets! Damn farnee leh!

I REALLY liked what I saw the showcase tonight (and that's something that hasn't happened in a long time!) I hope you make it down there to see these products too. :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Me & actress Tan Kheng Hua on Memento Singapore, MediaCorp Okto channel, earlier this evening.

Me taking pictures of myself on TV. Weird.
I look nice.

The making of the hansel AW12 "The Puffin" video.

Did you enjoy hansel's AW12 campaign video?

The video was posted in my previous blog post but you can watch it HERE on hansel's YouTube channel too.

For hansel's campaign videos, or fashion films, we have been experimenting a little bit and I prefer to go beyond just having beautiful models posing in my designs. I very much prefer to be telling stories. Stories that express the hansel brand's playful sense of humour. (OK, OK, it's my sense of humour.)

My art director cousin Ginny and I sat down for dinner after work one evening at Club Street and immediately Ginny spills her idea on the storyline of the new season's video. (Ginny and I work really well together on hansel's campaigns and she's GOOD at what she does!) I was hesitant about the idea of "killing" a puffin bird in the video but we talked it over and over and realized that we could execute (oops, an accidental pun there) it along the lines of a classic Tom and Jerry cartoon, where rather, erm, cruel things happen to both Tom and Jerry but the audience know that they will be fine. :)

After sharing the concept with Ben Siow from Abundant Productions, and despite their already packed schedule, his team gets to work straight away and then it's a series of emails and phonecalls back and forth between Ben, Ginny and me till the whole video takes beautiful shape!

Here're some of the work-in-progress images from our discussions.

If you like the video, please share it.
Thank you. :)