Thursday, August 16, 2012

Great Singapore Souvenirs at National Museum of Singapore.

A late night party at the National Museum of Singapore! Doesn't happen all that often so I was pleased to go. :)

MUSEUM LABEL is the name of the shops that are managed by National Heritage Board (NHB). They focus on selling merchandise that are very Singapore-centric - in case you were wondering, they are NOT the cheesy variety that you often find at soul-less touristy places.

My favourite find was THIS reusable bag there! The bag mimics the cheap Merlion-printed shopping plastic bags that are typically used by local shops, food stalls and even in wet markets selling groceries.  (I'm visiting Singaporean friends living in the US soon so I'm planning to buy a batch of them to give as gifts!)

Tonight though, the main event at the museum is the Great Singapore Souvenirs showcase - a collaboration between MUSEUM LABEL, Singapore Souvenirs and FARMSTORE - on display were NEW merchandise. Such as.... kueh kueh Post-It Notes! (Kueh kueh is Malay for cakes. In this case, very popular traditional cakes.)

I had thought of making these for our SS12 "Tiers of Joy" collection since that collection was inspired by the rainbow-coloured kueh kueh - the Nonya kueh lapis, but ditched the idea when I found out what the factory's minimum order quantity was! So it was GREAT to see these ones!

Different drink stalls within a large local hawker centres often use coloured tape and enamel paint to label and identity their own glasses, so no prizes for guessing where this set of glasses took their design cue from!

And these were CUTE - a row of traditional Peranakan terrace houses printed on the sides of cardboard filing boxes.

Last but not least, Singlish (that's our unique pigeon English) poetry magnets! Damn farnee leh!

I REALLY liked what I saw the showcase tonight (and that's something that hasn't happened in a long time!) I hope you make it down there to see these products too. :)


Anonymous said...

Its very delightful to see these very original 'Singapore' products! The notepads are very interesting and the Kan Cheong Spider watch is so cute! Are these items available at NMS?

Jo Soh said...

I see that you searched online for these items! Some of the items that i featured were prototypes and some of them are already selling in their MUSEUM LABEL shops. I was told the Kueh Kueh Post-It Notes have sold out and they are getting another batch made. Best to check out (or call) the National Museum to find out:

Alternatively, one of the museum's collaborators, FARM, has an online shop too:

Happy Shopping!

Anonymous said...

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