Thursday, August 2, 2012

hansel AW12 "The Puffin" - hand sewn brooches by Inez.

One of the ways in which we translated the Puffin motif was as hand sewn brooches by Inez. (You might already be quite familiar with Inez from INEZ DESIGNS. Her own collection of handmade jewellery are sold in my hansel Mandarin Gallery shop.)

She did a few different versions before settling on a final version to be duplicated. When I say duplicated, I actually meant that Inez would be sewing a total of SIXTY (60!!!!) brooches all by hand. No two pieces would ever look the same!

These brooches will be sold together with hansel wool/polyester suiting dresses - we created 3 different dress styles - one of which you can see at the bottom of this blog post in a (sneak peak) photo from our brand new lookbook. The concept is that ladies could wear these dresses to work and have the optional glittery pin for after-work social event. I like flexibility in my clothes :)

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