Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Mondays with kikki.K!

It's Monday, it's pouring down hard outside and I have just returned from a lovely short break in Penang (more on that later). I walk into my studio, bracing myself for an onslaught of unanswered emails, paperwork and deadlines, deadlines, deadlines.

AND a cute little package is sitting on my desk with my name on it! I instantly recognize the red/white striped string.

It's kikki.K day! Hooray!
It's a BASICS pack of notebooks, pens and post-it notes. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Technology is fantastic, but I believe that nothing beats the handwritten (or hand drawn) for creating a more direct connection between the mind and the expression, and as you can see from my already over-expressed kikki.K daily planner on my desk!

Thank you once again, kikki.K

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