Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The making of the hansel AW12 "The Puffin" video.

Did you enjoy hansel's AW12 campaign video?

The video was posted in my previous blog post but you can watch it HERE on hansel's YouTube channel too.

For hansel's campaign videos, or fashion films, we have been experimenting a little bit and I prefer to go beyond just having beautiful models posing in my designs. I very much prefer to be telling stories. Stories that express the hansel brand's playful sense of humour. (OK, OK, it's my sense of humour.)

My art director cousin Ginny and I sat down for dinner after work one evening at Club Street and immediately Ginny spills her idea on the storyline of the new season's video. (Ginny and I work really well together on hansel's campaigns and she's GOOD at what she does!) I was hesitant about the idea of "killing" a puffin bird in the video but we talked it over and over and realized that we could execute (oops, an accidental pun there) it along the lines of a classic Tom and Jerry cartoon, where rather, erm, cruel things happen to both Tom and Jerry but the audience know that they will be fine. :)

After sharing the concept with Ben Siow from Abundant Productions, and despite their already packed schedule, his team gets to work straight away and then it's a series of emails and phonecalls back and forth between Ben, Ginny and me till the whole video takes beautiful shape!

Here're some of the work-in-progress images from our discussions.

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Thank you. :)

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