Wednesday, October 31, 2012

hansel Tangs Orchard

I thought I simply had to slot this in (in between all my musings on all things international) - I now have  a hansel shop-in-shop at Tangs Orchard! Tangs is an iconic Singaporean department store that is part of Singapore's heritage - one that I have admired since the days of going on shopping trips as a kid with my family back in the 1980s. Tangs Orchard celebrates its 80th anniversary this year with a newly revamped look and I am both proud and excited for hansel to be in Tangs! :)

New York Part 5!

With all the pictures that are coming out on the media on Hurricane Sandy, it seems a little surreal for me to post these normal looking pictures of New York now. My thoughts are with all those in New York and on the east coast. I am confident that the communities will rebuild their cities in no time at all to become the vibrant place that I so enjoyed staying in.

No visit to New York is complete without seeing some great works of art, so I spent about 3 - 4 hours at the MOMA.

I chose to visit MOMA primarily because of their "Century of the Child" exhibition which focused on children and childhood from turn of the century till today, and how design played a part in their growing up years. People were queueing up to pose at this set of oversized wooden table and chairs at the entrance to the exhibition!

Then I walked and walked and walked to see the permanent exhibits including this piece of modern truth by Barbara Kruger.

MOMA had one of my favourite Impression artists, Monet, from my early years studying the history of art.

But the museum was so busy that day it was difficult to enjoy the artwork without someone walking past or standing in front of you.

Can you see the Frida Kahlo?

The visitors tended to crowd only around the very famous works, like this one from Vincent van Gogh. It seemed all the other less famous works weren't as important. Or maybe in order to be considered a successful artist one must have suffered a lot when the artist was alive. If only the same perception was given to mental patients who are alive today.

Finally, a glimpse of The Starry Night.

Tapestries from a contemporary artist on display.

When I first saw this in Manhattan, I wondered why did someone put a castle on top of an apartment block?

This street is very Sex in the City, no?

The High Line - originally a railway line, today it has been converted into a long park that runs over streets and through and alongside buildings, along the lower west edge of Manhattan. It was a lovely green break to the concrete jungle all around.

Then over in Lower East Side, I came across a presentation to petition for The Low Line - a naturally lit underground park! Cool concept, but I'd prefer the open sky anytime! :)

Street art - yellow bunny with nice line work.

A beautifully restored vintage car spotted in LES.

And when I troop back to the hotel all exhausted from the day's explorations, I find a lovely note from Housekeeping Monique!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New York Part 4!

Naturally, checking out retail (in all its forms) in New York was an important part of being in the city!

In between appointments, I popped into Opening Ceremony in Soho.

On a Sunday, I checked out the Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It wasn't really a flea market as I had thought, with lots of second hand and old junk, but more a market selling vintage clothing and accessories, handmade crafts, apparel, art, food and furniture. Nevertheless, it was packed with people and a nice thing to do on a Sunday.

From the Brooklyn Flea, you could look across the waters back to Manhattan.

I heard a lot about Beacon's Closet in Brooklyn too.

It was packed with merchandise but I was a little disappointed as I had hoped to find some good vintage pieces. However I came across more second hand clothing than what I might see as real vintage clothing.

Also in Brooklyn, I popped in to meet the lovely people at Baggu bags! This was their temporary summer shop. Walking into the shop makes one happy because of the bright COLOURS.

And I thought this was very clever - using the section in between the handles to make zipped pouches!

I liked this shop window display in a shoe shop in Soho - the stack of different coloured materials reflected the straps on the heels resting atop. Quite an innovative way to draw attention to the shoes!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

New York Part 3!

As part of the New York mission trip, we also visited Gaelle, the owner/buyer of Pixie Market in Lower East Side.

We visited the design studio of United Bamboo and spoke with the designers/owners of the label.

I spotted a package headed for ASOS!

We drop by at the Tess Giberson store and had a chat with their PR representative.

The group listens carefully...

And here I am with Mami - the consultant for the mission trip responsible for organizing all the appointments in New York. She was working hard to pull it all together, especially since it was in midst of all the fashion market weeks and fashion weeks when almost everyone in the fashion industry in New York was flying out of the country or were having back to back appointments.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

New York Part 2!

We visited 3 fashion trade shows in total while we were in New York.

This is the (capsule) show - I really liked what I saw at this fair. If I was an owner of a multi-label fashion boutique, I would come here to buy labels for my store. The labels were fun, a little edgy but very wearable. The show was inside a warehouse-style space next to the river.

Each of us was showing our samples to the director of the (capsule) trade fair at a picnic table right next to the river on an bright blue beautiful day. We each had about a split second to show and tell. Practice makes perfect for we were having to do these 60 second presentations several times a day every day for our week's schedule in New York.

This was d&a, which stands for Designers & Agents.  d&a 2012 was held inside 2 separate loft-style buildings, all white walls and white floors and beautiful natural lighting streaming in through the windows. I liked the space very muchie!

One of the most unusual meeting rooms we went to during the trip was the meeting we had with Ed, the organizer of d&a. It was up on the rooftop of one of the building in which d&a  was showing.

That's Ed answering our questions on showing in New York and importing in to the US market. 

Then we went to the mother of all fashion trade shows in New York - Fashion Coterie held at the MASSIVE HUMONGOUS GIMONGOUS Javits Center

The trade show featured about 1,480 labels!

Some labels' booths at the trade fair looked like proper fashion boutiques.

The labels showed samples in EVERY colour and fabric available for the buyers to select from.

We had the opportunity to meet up with Emilie who is the Show Director of Fashion Coterie.

There was also a visit to the New York offices of the fashion industry bible - WWD (Women's Wear Daily).

We walked into the WWD meeting room and there were takeaway cups of coffee ready and waiting on the table, along with a box of macaroons. During my time in New York, I saw clearly that the takeaway coffee cup is SUCH a New York thing. It's an accessory like your phone or watch, something that you take with you wherever you go!

Maybe New York is powered on coffee, not stuff like electricity.