Thursday, October 25, 2012

New York Part 2!

We visited 3 fashion trade shows in total while we were in New York.

This is the (capsule) show - I really liked what I saw at this fair. If I was an owner of a multi-label fashion boutique, I would come here to buy labels for my store. The labels were fun, a little edgy but very wearable. The show was inside a warehouse-style space next to the river.

Each of us was showing our samples to the director of the (capsule) trade fair at a picnic table right next to the river on an bright blue beautiful day. We each had about a split second to show and tell. Practice makes perfect for we were having to do these 60 second presentations several times a day every day for our week's schedule in New York.

This was d&a, which stands for Designers & Agents.  d&a 2012 was held inside 2 separate loft-style buildings, all white walls and white floors and beautiful natural lighting streaming in through the windows. I liked the space very muchie!

One of the most unusual meeting rooms we went to during the trip was the meeting we had with Ed, the organizer of d&a. It was up on the rooftop of one of the building in which d&a  was showing.

That's Ed answering our questions on showing in New York and importing in to the US market. 

Then we went to the mother of all fashion trade shows in New York - Fashion Coterie held at the MASSIVE HUMONGOUS GIMONGOUS Javits Center

The trade show featured about 1,480 labels!

Some labels' booths at the trade fair looked like proper fashion boutiques.

The labels showed samples in EVERY colour and fabric available for the buyers to select from.

We had the opportunity to meet up with Emilie who is the Show Director of Fashion Coterie.

There was also a visit to the New York offices of the fashion industry bible - WWD (Women's Wear Daily).

We walked into the WWD meeting room and there were takeaway cups of coffee ready and waiting on the table, along with a box of macaroons. During my time in New York, I saw clearly that the takeaway coffee cup is SUCH a New York thing. It's an accessory like your phone or watch, something that you take with you wherever you go!

Maybe New York is powered on coffee, not stuff like electricity.

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