Thursday, November 15, 2012

Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2012 preview night.

The rain certainly didn't put people off from attending the Affordable Art Fair preview last evening! Held at the F1 Pit Building, I meandered around two labyrinth-like floors of white walls filled with artworks from various art galleries. These are some of the works that caught my eye.

This is by Japanese artist Ryuma Imai from the H-art Beat Gallery. I loved how the fluidity and unevenness of the lines expressed the form and mood of the animals portrayed, and the unusual colours.

This zebra is also by Ryuma Imai.

This was one of four amazingly intricate drawings by young Singaporean artist Ieo Gek Ching at the Forest Rain Gallery booth.

This little flying hippo is titled "Icarus" was on a wall next to two to three other works from the same artist, Adam Oliver, at the Wills Art Warehouse. I think it's amazing how he expressed both the sense of weight and lightness with his lines. (Looks like this artist could be in animation?)

Pretty little birdies in a piece called "Chickadees" by Sage Vaughn at Give Art Space. I like the subtle undertones with the "bleeding" colours in this happy chirpy scene.

Would you like a framed pink Damien Hirst dot for SGD3,750?

 Eye-catching sculptures from Kang Yong Meon at the Seoshin Gallery.

Last but not least, a mesmerizing oil portrait showing off the amazing skillz of UK artist, Mary Jane Ansell, at the Fairfax Gallery. You really gotta check out her website to see her other works.

This is the industrial-themed wrapping counters where queues were forming with shoppers holding onto large canvases and little sculptures, all waiting for their bubble wrap treatment before they are whisked off to various homes across our little island. Good to see the art industry thriving!!!


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Jo Soh said...

Thanks very much, Web Design Singapore! I hope you had the opportunity to visit the fair :)