Friday, November 9, 2012

My Vancouver weekend.

After New York, I flew over to Seattle for the holiday leg of my trip but I was exhausted by then, having spent two intense weeks in New York filled with meetings, appointments, ticking off a checklist of retail shops to visit (as part of my study of the retail market there) and well, just observing EVERYTHING. The mind did not (and could not) switch off in a big city like New York. While in Seattle, we thought we would drive to Vancouver to spend the weekend. The highway to Vancouver was VERY VERY GREEN.

At a coffee break stop, I liked it that the silhouette of a row of trees appeared all around the walls of the ladies' washroom, reflecting the surrounding forests outside.

Wow, look at the COLOUR of the houses in Vancouver!

A house in MINT with slate grey, brick red and cream accents. Now THAT's an inspirational colour palette right there.

Check this out. My friend built this study from scratch in his home. Cool huh? :)

And the biggest shopping score of the whole trip? Four vintage Samsonite suitcases in baby blue from a thrift store! The suitcases are VERY me. :)

We take in one of Vancouver's parks. When I saw this house, I thought maybe a milkmaid with blond plaited pigtails and an apron would turn round the corner carrying buckets of milk. Just a thought.

The ground was covered with succulents!

A tree trunk naturally designed for humans to sit in.

(Stripes! Yippee!)

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