Thursday, November 1, 2012

New York Part 6!

After staying at the same hotel with all the other members of the New York study mission trip, one of the guys in the group moved over to stay with his friend and I tagged along, to help him with his luggage a little, before we made our way to the very last meeting at WWD's office.

Where his friend stayed blew me away! It's the rather surreal Tudor City on the east side of Manhattan. (Despite its name, it is architecturally neo-Gothic in style. It was completed in 1932.) Walking inside, I felt like I was  in Disneyland and that Cinderella might come round the corner any minute holding her mail and a takeaway coffee cup.

Providing very interesting contrast was the very steel-and-glass United Nations New York office right next door!

En route to my friend's home, I pause to soak in the bustling Grand Central Station (where sooooooo many movies have had a scene or two filmed here).

I finally found peace and quiet in my friend's home in Lower East Side. Mmmmm.... :)

And rested my bags in a room full of books.

My friend had an original John Clang family portrait on his wall! That's pretty cool :)

The view from my friend's apartment - overlooking a church (with its stained glass windows covered by protective metal grills - too bad one couldn't enjoy the stained glass sans grills, but I guess that's New York life!).

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