Monday, November 5, 2012

New York Part 7! (FOOD!)

As with any place in the world, FOOD plays a big role in the experience of the visit. Since I was terribly jet lagged and snapping awake at 4am anyway, I walked down Canal Street in the chilly morning wind to Tribeca Bagels for my first New York style meal. What's in the takeaway cup? Not the typical New York coffee I'm afraid. I'm more into teas. Their tea was, unfortunately, terrible. It was more like tea-flavoured hot water! :( That happens when you order something most people aren't ordering in the area!

Bagels of ALL kinds.

As one of my friends puts it: "MOUNTAINS OF CREAM CHEESE."

Somewhere inside a small English-pub-style joint in West Village....

I had a cheeseburger (which was good) and a plate of fries (which was terrible - they were COLD).

I was told I had to try doughnuts from this cafe.

So I went for a SQUARE doughnut that was filled with strawberry jelly and covered in peanut butter frosting. It was also a very BIG doughnut. So BIG I had to share it with 2 other people. Waaaaaaay too sweet for my taste buds. (And, it looks a bit like a large block of fried tofu with a hole cut out in the middle.)

This was an early morning tea (much better this time) with a BIG muffin (that was practically a full meal) in a cafe in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Don't let the bright sunshine fool you. Autumn approacheth!

And last but not least, CHEESECAKE. This one was a beautiful monster of a home-made Red Velvet Cheesecake served at a home party. WOW just look at that colour!!!!

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