Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Panama Hotel, 605 1/2 South Main Street.

Back to my adventures in the US!

Early early early early on a chilly chilly chilly chilly dawn, we took a cab to the Panama Hotel to wait for a pick up that would take us on a tour of Mount Rainier. Before I go on about Mount Rainier, a teensy bit about the Panama Hotel from what I saw during our half-hour wait there.

I noticed the unique number on the hotel's doors.

We waited just inside the hotel's doors at the bottom of the stairs because it was SO COLD outside. I saw an intriguing pattern was revealed where patches of peach paint had flaked off the walls.

A grumpy man appeared at the top of the stairs and asked if we were staying at the hotel, and if we weren't, why were we hanging around the entrance. He left with a grunt when we explained that it was too cold outside and that we were waiting for a pick up to go see Mount Rainier. Feeling the unwelcome, we hopped on the mini-bus as soon as it arrived and never thought of revisiting the hotel. A search online sometime afterwards showed that the hotel itself was a historic building, a part of Seattle's history, and that there was a modern tea room inside. See the article here. Oh well, next time perhaps!

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