Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pike Place Market, Seattle.

One of the first things we checked out in Seattle was the famous Pike Place Market. There were plenty of fresh produce, flowers, crafts, gifts. There were lots of tourists and visitors and the whole atmosphere was a lively one. This is the main entrance by day.

I liked the evening shots better as the signage glowed against the darkening sky.

This is the very very very first Starbucks store. By the day, there are incredibly looooong queues at this outlet cos everyone wanted to say that they had a coffee at the original Starbucks.

We decided to give Seattle's Best Coffee a try instead, just to try something else. I mean, you can get Starbucks ANYWHERE in the world. What am I saying? I hardly even drink coffee myself!

A piece of Russian bakery to go with the coffee?

This was a cinnamon apple roll - very flavourful, packed with ingredients, and MUCH better looking than the fake rolls that they had on display in their window!

THESE are what I was referring to! Definitely not the amazing Japanese fake food displays that you see in the windows of Japanese restaurants!

An amazing juggler performing on the street corner!

Naturally, Seattle is well known for having fresh seafood.

Pike Place Market's most famous seafood stall (where the guys shout out an order in unison and throw large slippery fishes from one man to another) is so famous it even has its own merchandise!

We devour clam chowder is sourdough bread bowls and grilled seafood for lunch in a restaurant overlooking the waterfront, but as EVERYONE wanted to enjoy the view, we had to take a seat facing the market interior. However, the restauranteur was thoughtful enough to hang photos of the same waterfront view on the INSIDE so we could have a good game of make-believe! :)

The stripe-lover in me simply HAD to take a picture of this - STRIPED PASTA!

That's toffee apples decoration gone overboard!

The COLOUR coming from the flower stalls was too difficult to resist. At the end of the day, stall owners slash prices on their remaining bouquets.  How not to pick up a bunch or two, I ask you?

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