Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Seattle Underground Tour.

We keep our touristy cap screwed on tight and sign ourselves up for a tour of Seattle's history in the underground. A guide with desert dry humour leads us through obscure doors in the sides and back lanes of buildings that take us into these underground sections below the existing buildings.

It was scenes like this one what really hit home that what we thought was ground level is actually NOT, and that present day Pioneer Square is built OVER the original city. These are tall windows and a front door that used to face the street!

What's more interesting is that this section of Seattle, which was where the rest of the city grew from, was filled with saloons and brothels. And the tour group was standing right in the middle of one! The remnants of an elaborately painted wall show that this would have been where the ladies welcomed and entertained their gentlemen guests. Ahem.

These are the beams that support the side streets right above our heads. The brick wall to the right form the bases of the present day roads and shows how high the original ground level has been raised.

This old cash register was amongst the unwanted "junk" that was found underground when they first started to restore Pioneer Square.

As well as these old classroom tables/chairs! Now all they need is to bring bands and bars down here and they have created an underground music scene.
Ok. Not so funny, but it was a nice try. :)

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