Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hansel Productions Pte Ltd is 9 years old today.

When the 27 year old me created a label named after my pet dog and made a capsule range of 12 looks to show at Australian Fashion Week, it was much more about answering a strong urge to put my personal creative ideas to the test than anything else. I was completely unprepared for what came after my debut show on Monday 13 Oct 2003 in Melbourne.

The response was overwhelmingly positive with photos of my collection all over the Australian newspapers the next day, all 12 looks bought up by a boutique owner/buyer and my label finding a home in a Melbourne-based fashion sales and PR agency. Orders started coming in immediately and then I realized I had never really thought of, nor planned for, the label as being a proper, long-term business. I was so unprepared!

The first thing that I had to do was to form a business in order to do business! And so, 9 years ago today on Tuesday 16 December 2003, I registered Hansel Productions Pte Ltd (inspired by Jim Henson Productions). hansel HQ at that time was a round dining table inside a small home study with Hansel the dog overseeing things from his brown-blanket padded corner. It'll be 10 years next year! Wow! Incredible!

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longlongtime said...

Please continue to bring us more years of surprises!! totally love your working attitude, collection, enthusiasm... its inspiring! I'm a big fan who's always too lazy to shop but at least I can always count on Hansel!

Congrats to more great years ahead!!!