Sunday, December 9, 2012

Madonna concert, Seattle, 2 Oct 2012.

The truth is that the WHOLE trip to the US started off with a phone call from my cousin in Seattle at 4am Singapore time asking me if I would like to go catch Madonna's Seattle concert with him. Fast forward 8 months and there I was at the Key Arena stadium grasping my USD500 Madonna concert ticket...

We had showed up early and were queueing inside to collect our VIP tickets when I heard Madonna's voice rehearsing "Turn Up The Radio" - my instant reaction was to C R Y.
(My friend E was obviously very amused with my reaction.) I have loved Madonna's music since I was 10 years old and growing up in Singapore, watching a Madonna concert was a concept limited only to snippets on MTV or playing a DVD. Personally being there in Seattle and knowing that I was going to see her performance live was literally a dream coming true.

My Madonna VIP goodie bag! Yippee!

Nowhere near the same, but hey, I had to strike that pose!!!

Thankfully the stadium wasn't toooooo cavernous so the performance was more intimate! (Well, as intimate as one could get with a packed stadium.)

And the moment that I had been waiting for over 26 years begins... red hooded figures began to set a big brass thurible in a swinging pendulum motion against a gothic church setting. This was the beginning of what turned out to be my first religious experience. :)

My queen arrives!!!

I wasn't allowed to bring in a proper camera and was snapping pictures with my phone camera so several photos of Madonna dancing weren't as clear as I would have loved them to be, but when she did a slower dance routine I managed to capture these ones...

After a 2-hour show, we emerged into a chilly Seattle night, palms stinging from applause and legs tired from dancing.

We walk past the Seattle Space Needle and head home to relive the whole experience over wine till 2.30am What a fantastic experience.
Bucket list item number 1.

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