Monday, December 10, 2012

Toby Klayman and Joseph Branchcomb, San Francisco.

Apart from watching the Madonna concert in Seattle, the other highlight of my trip to the US was staying with artist couple, Toby Klayman and Joseph Branchcomb in their truly charming and inspirational home in Bernal Heights, San Francisco. We found them on airbnb - click here! (If you ever visit San Francisco, I would highly recommend renting their cottage if you are looking for something off the beaten hotel track!) Every morning of our stay was spent having coffee and breakfast and talking with Toby and Joe about ...almost everything! I learnt about their fascinating lives and stories and I shared with them what I did and told my tales too. The people you meet and spend time with when you travel overseas make up a large part of your experience and nothing could be less than more inspirational than spending time with this loving couple!

We rented a cosy little cottage that was in their back garden. You will find Toby's and Joe's art everywhere in their 104 year old house, creating a very warm home filled with personality.

Look at Toby's studio! It was inspirational just to sit in there. Is this lady prolific or what???

Toby's graphic pieces adorning their kitchen walls.

Cutting a slice of freshly baked bread in the morning meant being greeted with a stare from Toby's "Crete Cow".

These are her extra large salad bowls. Really really really beautiful.
Their front entrance. The large painting is one of Toby's earlier works, entitled "Self Love".

Toby's painted ceramic dishes and wooden pieces found their way into the guest bathroom too.

And look at this... a declaration of their love for each other, etched forever in concrete on the ground. :)

Before we left, Toby gave me a little surprise with a photo of a ceramic dish that she had just painted in tribute to our time spent in their home. This was truly amazing and touching. I simply MUST get this plate when it's all fired and completed!

When I later arrived back in Singapore, Toby's large dish settled in comfortably in my home living room...

...while her painted butter dish happily nestled in amongst my things on my home studio shelf! Toby certainly inspired me to paint and draw again! (I eagerly await the next time that I would get to see Toby and Joe again!)

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toby klayman said...

Toby and Joe absolutely adored you two also and your visit to us has already provided much conversation as we describe how wonderful you two are and how much we relished hearing about your lives, your work, your future plans and goals. You were so generous telling us about Singapore and Sri Lanka which you also dearly love! You must come back soon as I have more new work to show you! Hugs and love from Toby (and Husband, Joe). PS now we have new Fan Pages inside our FB. and Send all your people over to "Like" us.
PS, every day your wearing your beautifully designed clothes .....they were exquisite and we love your Art,too! Love to you Both!