Friday, February 22, 2013

hello hansel SS13 Sync or Swim knits!

I LOVE our intarsia knits and it seems that many of our customers love them too! Reflecting the 1950s synchronized swimming theme, this season's knits have a bevy of pretty smiling swimmers in their retro swimcaps in various formations.

Here're some of the trial knit pieces that go through before we get to the final ones that you see in our shops. These are the ladies that you see at the knit dresses' skirt hems.

We tried different colour variations. 

We get to have some fun during our sampling process too ;) Look at how BIG these swimmers are! We had to reduce their sizes down a little the for the final pieces. 


Anonymous said...

hello there, i just wanted to ask who
is your favourite fashion designer and where did you study fashion design? thank you

Jo Soh said...


Thank you for your questions!

I graduated from Central St Martin's College in London in 1999 with a BA Hons in Fashion Design with Marketing.

As for your question about my favourite fashion designers, I think I am more focused on, and inspired by, vintage fashion!

Thanks very much!