Sunday, February 3, 2013

"Inez for hansel" SS13 Sync or Swim capsule range.

With a glittery, glamourous theme such as synchronized swimmers (or water  ballet) from the 1950s, Inez Designs was the only Singaporean jewellery label to go to for our capsule necklace range.

This is Inez Tan herself, trying on one of her exclusive pieces that she'd had made for our SS13 Sync or Swim collection.

We often go through several trials before settling on the final figures/shapes to be made.

Inez does all the hand-stitching herself!

Inez works out the exact size and shape of each piece with actual beads and rhinestones, drawing and redrawing, editing, adding and subtracting till the piece looked and felt right.

It's always important to visualize the final piece against the body to see how it sits on the body!

In addition to the capsule range, I had also commissioned a necklace design that would be sold with a hansel dress - something to add the synchronized swimming theme to the dress, add an unusual aspect to the dress and also a touch of fun! 

This necklace, though designed specially for the dress, quickly became my personal favourite! 

These are the final necklaces from the "Inez for hansel" SS13 capsule range.

If you like any of them, they can only be found at my hansel Mandarin Gallery shop because there's only one piece of each design made. :)  15/4/13 update: ALL the necklace have been sold! Yippee! :) 

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