Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Even a shortshortshort break over a weekend can be real special when one is decked out in vintage and does nothing but read and draw whatever comes to mind. Here's to doing more of nothing (much)!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Nijiiro Jean visits hansel Mandarin Gallery.

Every Saturday morning in Japan, a little white dog mascot (on a stick) called "Nijiiro Jean" takes viewers on a tour to different places around the world on her super popular TV travel show.
(Above screengrab taken from Kansai Telecasting Corporation website.)

Recently, Nijiiro Jean decided to meet me at my Mandarin Gallery shop! Here's Ms Nijiiro Jean ("nijiiro" means rainbow, as seen on her tiny scarf) outside my hansel Mandarin Gallery shop. (The real Hansel the dog would have loved to meet her too - but might have torn her to pieces.)

Nijiiro Jean goes everywhere with her camera.

But always goes with a change of clothes.
Well, to be honest, it seems only hats and bags.

In each city, Nijiiro Jean has a local host to show her around. In this shot, Nijiiro Jean is overseeing the filming of her Singaporean host Kim showing off a hello hansel printed dress. Yes, that angle is good, Mr Japanese Cameraman! :)

Come back soon, Nijiiro Jean! Jo Soh misses you!