Friday, July 18, 2014

hansel for Braun Buffel Art Project 2014.

Braun Buffel organized the Buffel Art Project and invited me to customize this beautiful wooden 3D figurine of their corporate logo.

Which I hand painted into this!
I call it "The Executive Brown Bull" who is always dressed in his Shenton Way best. I'll let him speak for himself...

Why HELLO there! I'm The Executive Brown Bull! See, I'm shaped exactly like Braun Buffel's logo.

And yes, I've had my coffee and I'm ready for my day at the office!

I've got my special schnazzy winner tie on…

And my shirt is neatly tucked in with my trusty leather belt…

Apart from a day at the office, I have to make an appearance at the ION Art gallery too. I've got a busy schedule!

Striking a smart pose all night long on my pedestal along with my fellow colleagues.

You know what was the best part about the show?

The ladies LOVED me! ;)