Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fabric print design for hansel AW14 Fairy Lights collection.

Have you seen the fabric prints for my new collection, AW14 Fairy Lights? 

These photos give you a little glimpse into my work processes, which are self taught. 
First of all, ideas. Who doesn't love a wall of inspiration? 

With an idea of the finished product in mind, I start to draw the things that go into the print.

My favourite drawing tools are this bamboo quill and a bottle of beautifully black Indian Ink.

After the artwork dries, I scan the image and experiment with it on Photoshop. I print out several versions to test the design before settling on a final one. This design below ended up as the "Coiled Lights" print on the rayon jersey range.

I try to create two to three prints each season. This doodle here became the "Fairy Lights" print on silk-finish polyester twill.

Making it all fit together in a repeat pattern.

I didn't like the original dots as light bulbs so drew new ones.

We receive strike-off lengths, or short lengths of test prints, for approval before the final bulk yardage is printed.

The final printed fabrics then get made into cute hansel outfits! :)