Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Creation of the hello hansel Fairy Lights Printed Tee.

This is hansel's campaign girl, Nikki Muller, wearing our hello hansel Fairy Lights Printed Tee during our campaign photoshoot.

To create this t-shirt print design, I started by testing out a few different ways to draw the wires of the fairy lights.

Once I found one that I was happy with, I drew directly onto an life-size paper pattern of the t-shirt front.

I used some rhinestones to work out the exact positions of the printed light bulbs (which I would hand draw later).

A few more hours of tinkering and the final artwork is sent to the factories for printing!

So the next time you take a look at my work, look closely for the imperfections that are characteristics of my hand drawn artwork! :)