Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The making of hansel's AW14 Fairy Lights campaign.

Some of you might already know that we hand make all our props in-house for our campaign shoots. What started off as an economic necessity (I wanted lots of fantastic props but didn't have the budget to have them made professionally) has turned into a signature house style of our photoshoots!

The past number of photoshoots have been art directed by my cousin, Ginny, who works as an art director in advertising. This season was my first attempt in a long while to completely art direct the shoot on my own!

To go with the theme of celebrations for the AW14 "Fairy Lights" collection, I imaged OVERSIZED party-themed props, sketched out the different scenes for each shot, and discussed with my design assistant who undertook the task of making all the props (with a little help from some special peeps)!

When I said oversized, I meant OVERSIZED.

The props got so large and took up so much space that our poor accountant was squeezed into a little corner to do her work!

This is our season's campaign girl, TV host and actress Nikki Muller, on set at the campaign photoshoot surrounded by the oversized props.

Sometimes the whole photoshoot crew gives a hand with the photo...

Here are some of the final campaign shots. See the entire campaign on the hansel website or hansel Facebook Page!

The crew behind the shoot!

After the props are used in the photoshoot, I decide what goes to the shop for display and what gets dismantled and recycled (they are mostly made of cardboard and paper afterall).

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